Guardian Self Defence MK-3 – Continual Deployment Pepper Fog Grenade 2oz


This device instantly deploys when activated and is ideally suited to disperse small groups, public areas – hallways, stairways, buses and lecture halls.
A 2 oz Continual Deployment, High Intensity Pepper Fog Grenade, that fits perfectly into a 40mm pouch for tactical carry and easy access.
A protective cap is provided to cover the actuator.
UV Dye added for easy identification, putting the subject at the scene of incidence.
High Intensity Fog Grenade is safe for use with EMD devices (Electro-Muscular Disruptor) such as TASER.
A unique aerosol grenade with instant deployment when activated, that also features no sparks, heat, or possibility of accidental fire damage.
10% OC Level III formulation at 2,000,000 SHU 1.25 % TC (Total Capsaicinoids)
Effective Range: 10 x 15ft Room – Up to 150 square feet
UV Identifying Dye
Size: Width 1.49″/Height 1.77″


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