JT DL9 Paintball Marker
Raptor Paintball Goggle System
90 gram CO2 Tank And Adaptor
200 Count Loader And 50 Paintballs
Squeegee, Barrel Plug

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JT paintballs is a USA based company that manufactures high quality, affordable, and low maintenance guns for the paintball sport. They also manufacture exceptionally affordable paintball markers and other tactical gear, such as paintball masks, paintball clothing, loaders, etc.
JT paintball guns are easy and simple to use. That’s why it is ideal for amateurs too. Splat master series by JT is very famous in paintball guns, which is perfect for kids and budget-friendly. Moreover, the company provides a broad range of protective gears, goggle systems, and lenses, including thermal lenses, specifically for this sport.




The new JT DL9 Paintball Ready To Play Kit includes high-end features and mil-sim styling at an affordable price. The DL9 is the first of its kind by offering our patented Dual Loading System in a lightweight composite body. Switch between a high-capacity loader to a 9 round magazine with just a twist of the Apex2 Ready 10 inch barrel! This Ready To Play Gun Kit comes with everything needed to play the game of paintball.

Marker Features:

Dual Loading System Feeds From Loader & Magazine
Apex2 Ready Barrel
Removable 9 Round .68 Caliber Magazine
Semi-Auto Marker Firing Up To 8 Balls Per Second
Clamping Feedneck For Secure Loader Fit
Smooth Action Single Trigger Pull

JT DL9 1


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