• One to Three Kit
  • Push button for door / gate release
  • 2 wire connection
  • Operated using 12-14V DC

The Polo Intercom 1:3 Kit is an intercom kit comprising of 1 entry panel and 3 handsets which can be configured to single or dual modes of operation. In Single Mode of Operation, the entry panel call button rings all 3 handsets in the system then in Dual Mode of Operation, each call button rings a separate handset group. Furthermore, with the Polophone intercoms, they can be setup for intercommunication where a handset can directly call another handset in a separate room.

Each entry panel has 2 call buttons where one button can be set to ring all handsets or each button can ring the separate handsets linked to it. The handset has an LED light which indicated the status of the gate, whether closed, open or moving. It has 4 buttons each with a particular purpose: 2 button serve as gate releases which can be linked to each entry panel, 1 button which acts an auxiliary control button such as turning on lights and the forth button which allows for intercommunication with another handset linked to it.


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