Tensioner – Compression Spring 1 Silver 5Kg 20 Pack


– Stainless steel compression springs
– UV stabilised nylon inner.
– Standard and medium tension springs are available in both a black or white nylon inner


The Nemtek compression spring standard and medium tension is used to maintain a constant tension on the electric fence wires. Wire tension on an electric fence will vary over time and the springs will maintain a constant force on the electric fence wires to keep them neat.

The compression springs offer the following features:
a nylon plastic inner which eliminates galvanic reaction between dissimilar metal thus reducing rust and increasing the life of the wire
can be used with any type of Nemtek electric fence wire

The compression springs are available in
Standard tension (silver) spring which can tension 1.2 mm wires
Medium tension (gold) spring which can tension wires up to 1.6 mm.


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